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At MKG, LLC we work closely with our clients to develop intellectual property (IP) procurement, portfolio management and enforcement strategies that meet and exceed our client’s business goals and objectives. This proactive approach is driven by strong client relationships and innovative communication technologies... Read More


  1. Introduction to Intellectual Property
  2. Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement
  3. Building an Effective Trade Secret Policy within your Company
  4. Recent Supreme Court Decision Concerning Copyrights
  5. Selecting a Trade Mark
  6. Sample Work for Hire Agreement
  7. US Supreme Court decides Bilski
  8. Are Isolated Genes Unpatentable?
  9. International Intellectual Property Protection

Client Reference

  1. An Introduction to the Patent Process
  2. An Introduction to the Trademark Process
  3. An Introduction to the Copyright Process


Examples of USPTO registration trademark records

  1. Columbia Plane Boat
  2. Columbia Mark


Patents prepared by MKG, LLC (formerly Michaud-Kinney Group, LLP)

The most current and detailed list of issued patents for the Michaud-Kinney Group:


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