Tech transfer

Universities generally manage their Intellectual Property matters through use of a technology transfer office (referred to as “tech transfer offices”) which includes professionals who oversee the institution’s intellectual property portfolio and provide guidance to faculty and researchers on intellectual property matters.

Oftentimes, tech transfer offices work with outside law firms to facilitate the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications, as well as U.S. and foreign trademark applications. MKG, LLC (formerly Michaud-Kinney Group, LLP) has been retained by several universities in this capacity. Occasionally, in the university setting there are disputes regarding ownership of intellectual property rights between the university and a faculty member. In instances where MKG, LLC does not represent the university, we have been engaged as outside counsel by the faculty member to help resolve such disputes.

Sometimes, private companies and other interested third parties want to partner with a university on a particular project that is designed to exploit a breakthrough technology. MKG, LLC has had the opportunity to help university clients in these matters, and has also been retained by third parties to facilitate transactions with non-client universities.

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