International Protection

Understanding when and where to seek international intellectual property protection and the economics of scale associated with such decisions can be daunting for businesses and individuals. MKG, LLC's consultative approach and market understanding allows us to listen to our clients’ needs and develop an international IP-based strategy tailored to particular business goals and objectives.

Through well established relationships with foreign patent practitioners, in virtually every country, as well as via MKG, LLC representatives stationed in foreign locales, we are able to offer coordinated international services of a caliber typically reserved to much larger firms.

The attorneys at MKG, LLC have an extensive history of representing foreign clients in the United States. We have a proven record of successfully employing effective techniques to procure the property rights our clients desire. Through frequent face-to-face meetings with our international clients and representatives, the attorneys at MKG, LLC are able to develop and implement comprehensive portfolio development and management plans that comport with and support the business goals of our international clients.  Moreover, through our strategic alliances with foreign representatives, we monitor related intellectual property prosecution in various countries, thereby giving our clients a unified approach resulting in stronger overall intellectual property protection.


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