At MKG, LLC (formerly Michaud-Kinney Group, LLP), we work closely with our clients to develop an  intellectual property procurement and portfolio management strategy that meets the client’s business goals and objectives. This proactive approach is driven by strong client relationships and innovative communication technologies, such as providing our clients with secure on-line access to their dockets. Before and during our representation, we gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and the competitive environment within which they operate. This enables us to develop highly effective IP-based strategies that allow our clients to accelerate their business goals.
"Our attorneys are professionals of the highest caliber who collectively have decades of experience in the Intellectual Property field."

“MKG has lawyers who know how to talk to musicians.”

Josh Rawlings
Gitsuite, Shopflow

“As a business person and inventor, I can’t say enough about how MKG has efficiently assisted in securing the IP related to my business thus allowing me to bring my research, designs and hard work to a business reality.”

John Roderick, President
BVI (Inventor/Designer)