Copyright Procurement

Copyright protection can extend to a client’s original works of authorship, including literary works such as manuscripts, presentations, technical manuals, computer programs, website advertising and advertising brochures; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; motion pictures and other audiovisual works; sound recordings; and architectural works.

In addition, clients often seek counsel on copyright ownership issues including the assessment for and preparation of work for hire agreements, transfer of rights, licensing of rights to original works of authorship and recordation of such transfers and licenses.

It is sometimes necessary to protect these rights in federal court. MKG, LLC (formerly Michaud-Kinney Group, LLP) has the litigation experience and capability to initiate and defend copyright infringement cases at trial and on appeal. In the successful resolution of such cases, not only is the infringing party stopped, but monetary damages such as actual damages and statutory damages have been awarded to our clients.

Our copyright practice also includes the preparation and issuance of validity opinions regarding the enforceability of very old copyrights - which may have been secured under outdated versions of the Copyright Act when renewal requirements were in effect. 

Our lawyers have experience in specifying and procuring copyright searches and analyzing the results to determine the extent of any copyright protection for original works of authorship.

Regarding the securing of Copyright protection,  our lawyers also advise on the appropriate copyright category to secure protection and prepare and file applications with U.S. and foreign copyright offices.


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